Difference between fwb and dating

More like info about each other's day, and I'd not say we were friends before - or now - more like aquantances. First time we talked for hours over dinner first, had sex about 75 times and stopped to eat, drink, cuddle, lots of kissing.

He stayed over, made me breakfast and spooned me watching TV and had sex most of the day talking about childhoods and what not.

FWB is filling a gap - it's mostly sex but you might keep each other company eating and stuff, in the absence of a partner. Dating is testing the water and moving towards a future. FWB implies 'friends' which should mean some care and respect but I had an alleged FWB who thought it meant he came round for a shag and fucked off within minutes as if I was an unpaid sex worker! So as this man is 'offering' his services - oh how generous! I'd wonder if his idea of FWB is different to yours and I'd check you were on the same page.

People who are dating are interested in a future together. If you just see it as sex and you're good at not getting attached it might. Afaik a hook up is just like a one night stand Fwb is a person you like hanging out with and having sex with but who you don't want to date properly, and who you do not rely on f Or emotional support or couples activities Dating is getting to know someone with a view to getting into a relationship even if it is a casual one. Does it basically mean, if a man wants this, that he likes you enough for sex but not enough for a relationship? Both guys if had previous 3 month relationships with, ended on good terms, we weren't a match but the sex was good. So it'd be summed up really as two people who are sexually compatable but have no interest in each other beyond that.

Laughingat...sorry..sure if it was clear on my OP...

Bae may still be moving away soon, but this constitutes casual dating, not just friends with benefits. I have an offer from a guy who I know for a FWB kind of deal and want to get clear in my head what to expect.I've just started into a FWB situation and I'm not clear on the diferrence or what I should be expecting. FWB can be great but only if you have the same expectations.I think my ick factor on it is that feeling the above to be true is actually a bloody turn off. Both looking for someone better who they did want a relationship with.Purely there to fill a sexual need on a regular basis for decent sex.

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