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Domino administrators have numerous options for controlling mail database size, so a user is often restricted by the disk space consumed by their mail.Consequently, these users must regularly maintain the mail database either by removing non-essential entries or archiving.The Selection criteria as shown in Figure F archives documents that have expired more than five days ago.Once archiving has been set up, it may be executed via the Actions menu.The version (27.0) of the browser you are using is outdated and not supported.You should consider upgrading to a more up-to-date browser.

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The Setting tab, shown in Figure C, allows archiving to be turned on or off and archive criteria to be defined.Figure A shows the selection of archive settings from the Tools menu. The typical setup (as displayed in Figure B) is workstation to workstation.That is, the user archives mail documents to a local archive database.Also search for program documents in the nab, that have "updall" as task, but as you stated there are only fixup and compact tasks.Be aware: If you start a compact with option -D this will discard all indices, so that after completion they have to be rebuild.

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