Dream analysis on boyfriends dating other women

(We've withheld their last names; you'll know why after you take a peek into their subconscious.) The experts' analyses will help you decode your own nighttime visions so you can improve your life—in the bedroom and beyond. "I found myself in a stable and felt panicked because I didn't know if I was supposed to groom, feed or ride the horses," says Leslie, 26, a single teacher who has no waking interest in horses."Jack—a married colleague I have a little crush on—walked in and sensed my panic.On the negative side marriage may symbolise commitment issues and doubts. Perhaps you have been thinking how your potential partner would cope with a crisis?Example dream : A dream where her boyfriend marries someone else was caused by her insecurities about the relationship.

Example dream : A dream about getting married to someone else linked to the dreamer realising that she had to end her marriage.Your subconscious may be trying to tell you something.The science of decoding dreams is based on centuries of research and professional anecdotal evaluation by psychology pioneers such as Freud and Jung.He said, ' Don't worry, the horses are here for your pleasure.' He helped me mount a big stallion.As Jack walked the horse around the yard, the saddle was stimulating me, and I started to say things like, ' This feels so good, don't stop.' I was completely embarrassed that I was saying sexual things, but Jack didn't seem to care."The expert analysis Whoa, Nellie!

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