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A car almost clipped the neck of one band member’s bass guitar, which delighted Yoakam.

It’s just the kind of youthful recklessness he sought to capture on his record.

“We’re the Stones in that In the book, Murch makes a pro-celluloid argument recently echoed by stalwarts like Quentin Tarantino and Paul Thomas Anderson: Unlike digital, which is a static medium, film requires movement to be projected.

This gives celluloid images a hypnotic quality that digital can’t achieve.

He’s long strived to exist simultaneously in past and future tenses, with the proven certainty of the former complementing the freedom and openness of the latter.

Born in Kentucky and raised in Columbus, Ohio, Dwight was the oldest of three kids born to a bookish mother, who made him read the King James Bible, and an ex-Army father with a penchant for hot-rodding.

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It’s more dreamlike, because it’s subliminal.” “Not a present-tense experience” is also an apt description of Yoakam’s music.

Stone infamously likened kissing Yoakam to smooching “a dirt sandwich,” while Yoakam for years opted to plead the fifth on all matters Sharon.

Those days are far off in the 58-year-old Yoakam’s rearview.

Famous celebrity couples like Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman and Brad Paisley and Kimberly Williams Paisley are the exception to what usually happens when a country singer dates a Hollywood star.

Actually, both of those country men found real love only celebrity dating experiences gone wrong.

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