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So here are five things you can do to hit the dating scene confidently when you travel.

BE PREPARED TO BE A TEACHER While dating abroad as a black woman comes with a whole guidebook of its own, if you’re in a white-dominated country, chances are, the locals will ask the kind of questions you had to answer throughout grade school.

so I’m stuck with this trash and watching it slowly die as it reveals itself to be a cash grab no benefits from premium either 5 more really likes a day and a rewind with few boost to make profile stand out.

Lost and saw other apps like this too don’t do dating apps.

talked for about an hour with first and a min with 2nd and poof they disappear and don’t respond. 3 months and only 4 matches total and I come back on it see elite membership that I can’t access even though I had subscription that I canceled in the two weeks.

Apple won’t give refund and I can’t delete account for whatever reason until end of this year...

And while the idea of meeting “strangers” sounds terrifying or even taboo to most, I like to think of people as friends you just haven’t met yet. Dating abroad can be fun and even life-changing if you put yourself out there and allow the universe to reciprocate, by putting interesting and inspiring people in your path.

DON’T PUT EARLY EXPECTATIONS ON ANYTHING Like I mentioned earlier, don’t date with the idea of falling in love instantly, moving to their country, and starting a whole new life.

I’m sure this is the dream for many women, but it’s only setting yourself up for failure, if that’s the sole conclusion you’ve set.

And don’t be afraid to use sites like Meet with the sole purpose of meeting new people, and then seeing where it goes from there.

I think we tend to date with the ultimate goal of marriage, but putting that kind of pressure on yourself and someone you just met, is unrealistic and impractical.

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