Effects of dating violence for adults

For instance, violence can exist among gay couples, siblings, parents and children, roommates, and even friends.

Similarly, although the stereotypical image of domestic violence includes a male as the aggressor and the female as the victim, the cycle of abuse doesn’t necessarily always follow this pattern.

This article will explore just how severe the effects of domestic violence can be on teens who experience domestic violence between their parents.

Typically, domestic violence includes one partner using control, manipulation, and fear to have power over the other partner.In many cases, the dynamics that build up in violent relationships are passed down from generation to generation, and many couples don’t even know they are caught in a cycle of violence.Over time, domestic violence develops into a cycle, one that typically becomes more and more violent.The abuse is forgotten and a honeymoon period begins again.This cycle typically repeats over and over again, each time becoming more intense.

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