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Finally, the site has a Discovering Ancient Egypt shop where you can game and educational software, books, posters, art prints and photos with an ancient Egyptian theme.

The British Museum: Ancient Egypt The British Museum site offers good images, simulations, and games to make the study of Ancient Egypt enticing for students.

The Kings and Queens section is more essay format, but again features excellent images.

Hatshepsut (“The Woman who was King”), Thutmose III (“The Napoleon of Ancient Egypt”) and and Ramses II (“The Last Great Pharaoh”) figure prominently in this section.

It is organized around three Themes — “Ancient Egyptian Beliefs,” “Looking at Egyptian Art,” and “The Story of the Collection” — and groups objects and historical ideas into questions and answers.

You can browse a 4,000-year interactive timeline to explore the information chronologically, or the index of forty objects featured from the Museum’s collection.

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Finally, there is a “staff room” to help teachers use the site.Embedded You Tube video and 3D multimedia play a key role at the site, especially in the engaging Rebuilding Ancient Temples exposition and the Ancient Videos section.keep up-to-date on Ancient Egypt news and website updates via Mark’s bi-monthly newsletter and take your hand at some of his quizzes.Articles focus most predominantly on History of the Valley of the Kings and Tomb Development.Mysteries of the Nile This PBS Nova site explores the Egyptian pyramids, temples, and other notable architecture of ancient Egypt through 360° photos shot during an NOVA/PBS “Online Adventure.” Site highlights include a self-guided Quick Time tour through the Land of the Pharaohs, a flyby video of Giza, panoramic images of Khufu, Karnak, Luxor, Tomb of Ramose, and world’s oldest planked vessel.

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