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He still thinks I’ve never farted in front of him, though." "My mom and I were in Target, and I was showing her how my cousin taught me to fart on command. My mom kept warning me to stop trying to perform my new trick, saying that I'd end up with a mess. I waddled away, sobbing, to the bathroom while my mom went and bought me new panties.We get a good laugh from this story now, but it was traumatizing.I just watch my Instagram stories feed all the way through, regardless of who is on there.If you don't follow the person or vice versa, then honestly, it's probably still pretty innocent.Thankfully he just laughed about it." "My boyfriend invited me over to watch a scary movie with him and his friends. I was sitting on the couch with my boyfriend, and one of his friends was sitting on the floor right in front of me.There was a really scary scene, and it made me jump. Spill will be a bi-weekly article focused on anonymous answers from you, the reader!

She also makes a good point that if an ex really wanted to get back together with you, they would.My friends and I still refer to it as 'the squeek' because of how funny it sounded." "This wasn’t me, but in 5th grade the class was sitting on the floor for some discussion.I pushed my friend over, and she laughed so hard she farted.Thank goodness it didn't ruin my relationship with Target! We were in church and the choir sang, “AMEEEEEEN.” Right after the song ended, it was dead silent. My family and the families around us were trying to laugh silently which made it even funnier." "I farted while taking a quiz in middle school.It was really quiet in the class, and I tried to hold it in.

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