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Emotional momentum builds up when text exchanges are going at a rapid pace. You have to make her wait for your texts.” The thing with this sort of advice is, that it isn’t complete bullshit. This sort of advice gives you only part of the puzzle.

Because yes, if you’re going to text back at the speed of light whenever she slides in your inbox, you WILL come across as desperate.

So, what exactly do you text the girl you just met? And if you do it right, you kickstart a fun interaction that leads to a date.

I’ll show you an example that one of my students just sent me.

This guys doesn’t use these cocky to-the-point type of sentences when you meet him.

Yet, over text, he’s suddenly all suave like his name is James Bond. So remember: if you manage to text in the same style as you talked to her in person, you’ll evoke the same emotions she felt when she met you.

Because without noticing, most men already throw the towel in the ring before the game has even begun. Joe already is sitting on a massive treasure, packed with information from real life. All you need to do now is REMIND her of the connection you had face to face.

Picture this: Average Joe ran into a girl he really liked. This gold is more info than one could possible get from a Tinder profile for example (or any other online dating profile, for that matter.) So, I’ll hand you a blueprint for a perfect first message that gets her smiling when she checks her phone. Now if you’re wondering what to text a girl for the first time… One ‘slight detail’ that will make or break your texting interaction. Some of the beginners that just start to apply my tips, tend to make the same mistake.

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