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During this short period he introduced into Palestine the concept that a tell is a manmade mound of successive, superimposed 'cities'.He established the dating of these 'cities' by means of their associated ceramic assemblage and of the cross-dating of these assemblages with reference to similar finds made in Egyptian contexts.So Anthropologist came up with a method to relatively place culture in a chronological order.Is the Predynastic culture misrepresented or is sequence dating accurately representing the history of that time.Having thus laid the foundation for all future work in Levantine archaeology, he returned to Egypt, where he excavated for the next thirty years.

The first interlude was a six-week season of excavations at Tell el-Hesy (now transcribed as Tell el-Hesi) in the spring of 1890.Piazzi Smyth, he went to Egypt in 1880 to survey the pyramids of Gizeh.Petrie's measurements proved that Piazzi Smyth's theories were based on a logical fallacy, but he had become 'hooked' on the archaeology of Egypt.When sharing knowledge it is important information is accurate.Grandson of Captain Matthew Flinders, explorer of the coasts of Australia, he was judged too frail to attend school and was educated at home by his parents.

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