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Cologne even has a drive-in brothel located on the outskirts of the city where you can get a legal service in your car.

Prices for sex vary considerably with street prostitutes charging as little as €30 and some escorts having rates of €500 per hour.

The brothel is open 24/7 but the nightclub is open from 9.00pm to 5.00am daily.

It is worth trying Pascha out during a busy evening to really get an eyeful but you can also get some bargains during quieter periods.

The city has BDSM studios where you can hire the specialist services of a professional Domina or you can get a happy ending at one of the many erotic massage parlours.Rates for services can be negotiated with individuals directly but you can expect to pay around €50 for a quick session.Pascha is definitely an experience that every man should have under his belt and is well worth spending some time here.Here’s a list of escort boards, directories and agencies we found from a simple search: The following sites have a broad selection of escorts with most providing a standard GFE for around €150 per hour.Some sites do have extra fees if you are located outside of the central Cologne area so do check before booking that your rates are inclusive. usually incur additional charges and some escorts do not provide such services.

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