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Moreover, when blood leakage occurs from a VND, the machines usually require 3−5 minutes to detect it, and sometimes they even fail to detect it at all because the puncture is small and the leakage is slow.

This system consisted of a single-phase 110 V/60 Hz adjustable-speed motor (100−500 m L/min) (Orientalmotor, Speed Control Motor, New Taipei, Japan), and an AC110/60 Hz adjustable timer (ANLY, TRD-NC relay, Taipei, Taiwan) relay with a 0.2 s reset time (adjustable range of 0.2–5 s), enabling the system to simulate pulses of 50−180 beats per minute.

The results suggested that patients believed the device could reduce their mental anxiety, and the nursing staff considered the device reliable and that it would enhance the quality of care.

The proposed detection device can be extended to similar applications for preventing catheter dislodgement, and to improve patient safety and reduce the stress of clinical nursing staff.

After the arm was punctured, a syringe was used to eject blood to simulate blood leakage.

When the device detects a leakage of blood, an alarm goes off to notify the care staff to attend to the patient.

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