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But first let me ask, do you really want her to that Do you want her to be your best friend and confident? Do you want to look into the love of your life’s eyes and feel that excitement you once felt at being with her? Now I am not a psychologist, and I haven’t conducted in-depth studies on how to win back your spouse.

What I have done is researched romance for dozens of novels I’ve written for over twenty-two years. There are always ups and downs as you go through adjustment phases. If that’s not happening right now, but you want it to, don’t despair!

If she walks into the room, you look up from the TV or computer or car parts—whatever it is you’re doing. You may even reach out and take her hand while she’s talking or pull her in for a hug. Therapists say that often people will hold grudges for years, only to finally realize in counseling that they’d never told their spouse what it was that hurt them. But if your relationship is to reach that magic level, you have to expose yourself. If she loves you even a tiny bit, she’s not going to throw your needs back in your face—as long as she understands what it means to you. Words like “I don’t know” when trying to solve a problem, or “Whatever you want” generally translate to “I don’t care” or “I just wish you’d go away.” If you are not willing to communicate regularly about your relationship, it may be impossible to “remagick” your marriage.

This is true for things that are not so serious like keeping the bathroom sink clear of clutter to who is going to initiate sex. Don’t assume you know what your wife wants or needs. (See above entry.) It’s okay to try to be sensitive and anticipate what your spouse wants, but that does not replace regular verbal communication and confirmation. Remember that when your spouse is telling you something personal, they are exposed and vulnerable just like you are. Listen carefully, respond verbally and kindly, and remember it for the future. Let your wife in on your plans before you disappear somewhere.

My husband once surprised me with a plate of cut fruit in my office, and he will help get our youngest to bed when he sees I’m stressed.

Fortunately there is a way to reawake the magic and make her fall in love with you all over again.

So many women came back saying something like running a bath, bringing a drink, reaching out for a hug, going to doctor appointments.

Simple things that don’t cost money or take much effort but show her she is loved.

For those twenty-two years I’ve communicated with readers all over the world who are struggling in their relationships. Marriage is probably the hardest thing you’ll ever do. But when it’s done right, it’ll also be the most rewarding. Desire to change is the first thing required to make her fall in love with you all over again.

I have four sisters who are married, most longer than twenty years, two married daughters, and I have been married for nearly thirty years. You may just find that she wants the very same thing. Because with very few exceptions, you get back exactly what you put into anything in life.

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