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“Younger people are still in the phase where they’re experimenting with life,” she says.

“That’s contagious.” Today she’s completed several screenplays and won screenwriting competitions.

It was a former student, 20 years younger, who gave her the courage to follow her passion for writing.

“I wrote plays for the school,” says Carey, now 50.

“There’s a beautiful reciprocity in these relationships,” says Irene S.

Levine, creator of The Friendship Blog ( and author of (Overlook Press, 2009).

Each friend can offer the other something different based on their station in life.” The most important thing in cultivating an intergenerational friendship is to hold that friendship to the same standards as any other.

It turned out they both had Midwestern roots, and after a long bonding session over ice hockey, the two struck up a friendship.

Those cultural differences can be a barrier to cross-generational friendships, he says.

“One generation says LBJ and they’re talking about Lyndon Johnson.

In her late 30s, Theresa Carey faced a career dilemma.

She’d left her law practice to teach at-risk junior high students, but a school reorganization soon put her back in the job market.

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