Gemini woman dating libra man

They can remain detached and distant, unless Libra falls in love deeply enough to follow their Gemini partner wherever they go, and Gemini falls in love deeply enough for all words to lose meaning.While Libra will value consistency and someone being responsible and reliable, Gemini will be very different from this, with opposing values as well.Although Libra might be indecisive, Gemini won’t have a problem thinking of a different approach and finding new techniques, words and adventures to spice up their sexual encounters.When Libra decides to be with someone, even if it is after a long, hard inner battle, they will probably believe in their words and their actions.Libra can learn from a teacher, from someone who has proven their worth, but hardly from their know-it-all partner.The way Libra’s emotions develop is something really suitable for Gemini.Libra is your typical activity chameleon when they fall in love.

They seem to know how to make everything a little less serious and this will help their Libra partner open up and share their emotions through sex, too.However, this can end in an unfortunate way, leaving Libra with their energy drained and wishes not granted.Gemini just doesn’t care about following their partner only because they want to be followed.Gemini will value someone’s creativity and intellectual strength and this is something Libra can’t respond to if their Sun is in its lowest state.Their meeting point is in their value of intellect, however strange it may seem.

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