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Beyond these, the fastest trains you’ll probably take are the popular EC (Eurocity), IC (Intercity — same as Eurocity, but doesn’t cross an international border), or EN (Euronight).

The Eurostar train (% 08705-186-186 in London; 0892-35-35-39 in France; 02-528-2828 in Belgium; 800-EUROSTAR in the U.

As a rule, European trains run on time, are clean and comfortable, and have a vast network that covers almost every major and minor city.

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Though no-frills airlines (discussed earlier) are now the best way to cover great distances between far-flung countries, the train is still king when it comes to exploring a single nation or smaller region of Europe.

Because the old train-ferry- train route (through Dover and Calais) takes all day and costs almost the same, the Eurostar option is a great deal.

Many high-speed trains throughout Europe require that you pay a sup- plement of around to in addition to your regular ticket price.

If you buy point-to-point tickets, this supplement is included in the full price, but sometimes it’s printed on a separate ticket.

If so, validate both tickets (usually you do this by stamping the tickets in a little box at the beginning of each track).

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