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It would not be a smooth move.” Asked if she thinks Calleigh and Eric should one day wed, Procter says, “I think it would be fun if it turned into a ‘Mr.

(this includes the famous situations such as personality/development= showering with gifts, or personality/development = forced development over the course of a linear quest line.(THIS is what the bioware romances/ dating sims are)Enough rambling though, there are mods that fit into each category, and there are mods that fit multiple categories, a list below: The best romance I've seen for Oblivion is Integration: The Stranded Light.At times she's helpful, at times she's a nuisance, there are developments and personality sharing, revelations and heart to hearts, and yes there is sex which is a fade to black, there's also a "The Witcher"-esque collection thing.Malevolent= Helping someone discover them self and nurturing their growth. no links though, because of extremely prominent nudity,sexlivionestrusfriends and lovers Best one I've seen is Claudia's Little Secret.In most of those however the romance comes like secondary, or third. It actually has decent characters, stories, and quests, unlike the other sex mods...

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