Grrat expectations dating

The rosy whispers and gentle touches make their romance a beautifully created gift from the angels of seven heavens.

She generously trusts him and gives him the freedom and confidence he desires while he gives his lovely lady the authority she deserves and keeps her above everything in the world.

It strengthens the relation of Aquarius man and his Leo woman.

Being direct and to the point is the best way to impress her because she does not like vagueness or subtlety.

She seems to be able to realize the art of not holding back when it comes to lovemaking with him.

It is not that Leo woman would not in other cases, but the ridicule she obtains from appearing ‘undignified’ is more predominant than with the Aquarius man.

Perhaps because she envies him in his ability to freely express himself coupled with the ability to be isolated and inexpressive.

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She always needs compliments and display of love and this is not easy for him to do, nor is it easy for him to tell her just how much he needs her.To repeat himself is inadequate to him and a complete waste of time to him.His mind is always on what is coming in the future and he has to stop, turn around, and look back and possibly to notice the presence of his Leo lady.She is highly susceptible to compliment and cannot deal with criticism well.To compliment a Leo woman is to increase her self worth which, in turn, causes her to be a better person to others.

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