Hanoi dating website

Many guys who are traveling through may want to only use an escort service for the experience, but we hope most of our readers are looking for something a little more.

The top transgender dating network in the world is My Ladyboy Date and it will be your best option here.

Some of the best LGBT bars and clubs to meet ladyboys in Hanoi are: If you think that is a short list it was made shorter when Bar Betta closed down and believe us when we say in Danang or Hoi An there are even less LGBT party spots.If you want an escort for ladyboy massage service in your hotel then that can be found here also.Speaking of hotels remember that many hotels in Vietnam are not ‘girl friendly’ which also would mean they aren’t ladyboy friendly either.But not Vietnam, and finding ladyboys in Hanoi is even harder than in Ho Chi Minh City.That isn’t to say things are easy over that way, they certainly aren’t, but they are definitely easier.

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