Hayley williams and jeremy davis dating

Hayley from Paramore actually introduced Brendon and Sarah to eachother, when NFG and PATD were playing a show together...

But, rumor has it they've split Paramore is the creation of Hayley Williams. She joined a local rock band in order to be able to sing out her frustrations about the bullies, where met one of the current Paramore band members.

Soon after, Zac Farro left to support his brother's decision.

Josh created a new band named Novel American, and they eventually recruited Zac.

Paramore canceled their up coming concerts and didn't speak for a couple months.

Though, the family members had a plan to reunite the friends by inviting them to their baby shower ;).

Hayley claims that giving performances on stage is the best workout for her.

Hayley Williams is in a relationship with chad Gilbert of new found glory, they have been dating since early 2008.

Before that, she dated Paramore guitarist Josh Farro for three years. im not sure about zac, Jeremy and Taylor though, sorry....

She now supports dozens of anti-bullying, anti-depression, anti-self harm and anti-suicide charities.

Emma Watson has stated that she will never confirm who she is or has dated.

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