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Hippies sometimes listened to other music, but one thing they tended to avoid was top-40 radio, or AM radio, which was considered "pop" music.They preferred to listen to the more progressive stations on FM radio.The main musicians of hippie culture in the 60's were Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, and the Rolling Stones.There were many more, too numerous to mention, and many more came along in the early-70's, with Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin being two of the most important ones.For example, to emphasize a point they often interjected the word, "man," and used other black jive such as "far out," "out of sight," "right on," "straight ahead," "dig" and "dig it," "I'm hip (to that)," "to ball" meaning to have sex, "boogie," "reefer," "joint," and most other slang terms for drugs.The most important hippie slang word was, "cool," and being cool was the backbone of hippie culture.I'd like to be out there planting more trees, enjoying boating, camping and the great out doors.

But Ive had some 'witch like' experiences and shamanistic so now wander if I'am a natural shaman witch, and that made me come here. [Review Full Profile] I am 81 years old widower, but look a younger, have a reasonable figure, and acceptable health, both physically and mentally. My late wife and I run a Gardnerian coven in East Anglia for 35 years after .....Want to meet a like minded soul to shear my life with.I’m into music in a big way love allsorts of genres.I am intelligent and well read but, understand .....[Review Full Profile] I'm honestly not sure what to believe in atm..

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