The celebration of Christmas in Denmark starts in the evening, traditionally with a Christmas tree, exchanging presents and having dinner with the family.

With few exceptions, all shops stay closed by law on Juleaftensdag, the day of Juleaften.

A popular baked good associated with the day is Fastelavnsbolle (lit.

Fastelavns bun), a round sweet roll usually covered with icing and filled with cream.

Some of these days derive from politics, and some from Roman Catholic traditions that predate the current national church.

According to legend, Martin was forced to become a bishop by his parishioners and tried to hide in a barn. For this reason, but probably in reality because of the goose slaughtering season, it is tradition to eat a goose dinner, although over time duck has become a more practical dish on this occasion.

The day is marked by public memorial ceremonies for fallen members of the Danish resistance, and by demonstrations of the left-wing, both in memory of the communist resistance fighters and also carrying slogans of peace and solidarity linking the struggle in the past with new ones today.

Celebration of Valdemar II of Denmark's victory in a battle in Estonia in 1219, at which Denmark's national flag Dannebrog fell from the skies.

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