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Its history and academic excellence has earned its acceptance as a nationally normed achievement test, and meets most states’ testing requirements. Do you have scheduling conflicts with your local testing site? Here, your child will test on their computer in the comforts of your own home.

Visit our Missouri Homeschooling Laws page to learn about the recordkeeping requirements that all home educators need to comply with.

One of the first places new homeschoolers look for advice is from other homeschooling families in their community and state.

Time4Learning helps you locate different homeschool support groups around the state and clues you in to the ways they can benefit both parents and students on our Missouri Homeschool Groups and Co-ops page.

As a parent we understand that you may have some questions regarding the different test types we offer, what preparation your child can do before the testing date, what your child needs the day of testing, and how to interpret the results after the test is taken.

We are here to provide you with that information to make the testing season as pleasant for your family as we can.

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