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Married = strikes 1 through a million just right there..just trolling for random stranger sex? Only semi-related but hey, I've had the Big V and was monogamous\celibate for 15 years up until not so long ago. With this background, and exclusive commitment, I haven't had too much trouble getting my partner (after getting comfortable with her past) to go condom-free.

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And then she'll divorce him,(p*ssed off, so it'll be ugly) Why can't he make everyone's lives easier by simply telling his wife he's unhappy?

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Because i'm still ivited and attend social events and party's, i'm looking for a classy and intelligent woman who fits in.

I sometimes get up in the morning and decide to travel the same day or the day after on an impulse, therefore i'm looking for a woman who's as impulsive as me and doesn't have a daily scedule.

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