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Joe Muneal, of Cairo, 111., was rescuwi at o'clock after an hour's work, and it is certain no more of the victims can be alive. He says there were Ijetween fifty and fifty-five people registered, and sixteen were oc- cupying- back rooms, where it was more difficult to escape. The explosion awoke the guests in the front part of the house, and by the time the firemen reached the scene were ready to be taken from the windows. The livens of Carey and Moffat and scores of other missionary pioneers are full of illustrations. I finally convinced him that I wius ni»t the Kmg-lost one. Before Are added to the horrors of the e.xplos'ion the firemen were piteou Bly ap- pealed to by those who were buried in the ruins. Irwin, the night clerk, who, with the barkeeper, William Ruble, had a miraculous escape, went over the regis- ter for the test few days this morning and endeavored to call to mind the oc- cupants of the different rooms. Burgess and two others, — Edwards, of Boulder; Herman Lue- ders, Mrs. The dust had cleared away somewhat when the firemen reached the place. In front of the house there was a sound of glass falling, and people were rushing in night clothes in horror from the doors and appealing piteously from the win- dows for help. 1776, now preserved in the library of the state department at Washington, D. The text, as reproduced, is the exact dimensions of the eiriglnal; viz., 23% inches in width by .30 inches in height, and is followed on the same sheet by an "official hi.stlonably answering the call of duly. Onu man did «ill on me once who lnslstether, according to his statement, was nearly his own age.The people have d»«»ided the cloth- ing superior and the prices really m Sch lower. If we have his meekness, also, real or fancied ne- glect will not pain us; jealousy and sel- fish ambition will not disturb us. "My peace I give unto you." Because calm, we shall do the tact- ful thing more frequently. It is the letter that comes from some unknown who has sat before his per- formance and has derived enough plea.s- ure from the work he has seen to sit down and write frankly about It ti the artist. standing in th.- outskirts of the littl- town of Latalvieh.And why Economy and excellence ar« jcombined with are they? We shall decide more wisely, and shall face per- sistent difficulties with a steadier bravery. Appreciation such as this Is not commonly expressed, but some- times when it does come it is as if a hand had reached out from among the cynical and apathetic throng to grasp of the earnest worker in art. in Northwestern Syria, fannous ever-where for the ex- cellent tobacco which takes its name from the obscure and insig- nl Hcant place— and turning his back on the ramshackle houses, the flea-invested The corporation holds the copyright to volumes and individual issues of the Collegian from that date onward. Student Publications Inc.(now Collegian Media Group), an incorporated not-for-profit business has published the Collegian since September 5,1946. Grenler, manager of the hotel; Bud Bums, Colorado Springs; W. It can be considered, however, that Represen- tative Baldwin is of the opinion that the Democrats will again nominate him for congress, and that if nominated he will be able to give Mr. however, do not believe that Baldwin will stand as much show of being elected in 1896 as he did in 1894. 19.— .\t noon to- day the non-i met htie to .^ouud the slat»' on the silver iiurstioii. Fulls— Hoyle, once in 693 deals; blanks, once In 694 deals: total number, 3744. Then the singing of patri- otic songs and the reading of stirring addresses and biographies of eminent men was introduced. If we as a pec)ple sincerely desire to have our children so educated that they will grow up to bwome intelligent, law- abiding, public-spirited citizens, loyal to American Ideas and Ideals, it be*- comes our first and Imperative duty to see th. The climax of the third act is given over to what has been proni^unced by the most competent critics in all the larger cities as the Kreat.-st railrth engine antl pay car being a faitli- ful repnxiu'i Jon in every detail of the original whfrli they simulate.

Out »f forty or mwre people who were eertttlnly In the hotel when the explosion occurred a score were got o Ut safely. The equality to which It refers is neither physical, mental, njor social, but an equality only so far as "all men" are members of the same civil society, equal before the law to which all are to be obedient, equal in that highest development of such a society In which all Its members live In consonance with the great law of hu- manity, "each for all and all for each.' This political principle finds Its com- plete expression in that most character- istic of American Institutions, the pub- lic school — the school of the people; that school where the sons and daughters of American citizens, no matter what their native cemntry, no matter what the color of their skin, no matter what their religion, or whether they are poor or rich, meet on common and neutral ground, are taught to respect the rights and opinions of their associates, and so are trained and educated for the great duties, responsibilities, and privileges of American citizenship. Lvl 5:o6'i)ni Ar Toronto Lv S;10 amj Ar Montreal Lvi sio'pni S:3J pm|Ar Boston Ia-I ! Still another with a more business-like turn of mind gave me all her dlmen- "THE DERBY WINNER." The seventh regular season of the Temple will be inaugurate*! It comprises a company of twenty-seven singing, dancing and acting people; seven thoroughbred horses, among them"Freeland,thegrajnd- est race horse in all the land." seven regular jockeys, a group of plantation singers and dancers arnl a double col- ored quartet. member one that came to me from one who said she was a poor wklow, that her most keen enjoyment was derived from performances at the theater, but that her means forbade the luxury. The death list will Include the owner of the hotel, letter Gumry; the manager, Robert C. Th^y are known to have been in the rear of the building and could not possibly have escaped. The force of the ex- plosion was so great that for two blocks on Lawrence streeit and for dis- tance on Larimer street every window in the business blocks was shattered in pieces on the pavements, astrophe complete a horrors. Such are the considerations which led me to edit and publish a fac simile in every detail of the original manuscript engrossed on vellum of "The Unani- mous Declaration of the Thirteen United Sitates of America," promulgated to the world by the continental congress July l. Greene was commissioned to rewrite this fa- vorite drama. " Some have the same family name and want to call that they may trace some relationship. Berkelmann's Stock Must be Sold ; For cash in 30 days regardless of cost. The firemen are labor- ing at the work of excavation, but it will be many hours, and perhaps days, before the uncertain horror B of the heap of destruction cane fully told. The whole rear half of the hotel was blown to -atoms and the front portions are merely shattered and burned frag- ments of a house. George Burt, passenger conductor on the Rock Island, Colorado Springs. The duty of every teacher in these schools to so instruct the children in the principles therein set forth, and their practical application to their daily life, ihat upon leaving school every pupil shall not only thoroughly understand but believe 'them. When it was decided that Miss Wallis would star again this season Mr. The drama will be handsomely mounted, with new -scenery by Walter Burridge, and with new music, costumes, etc. He inevitably tells you that you are ,the only man who can play the principal part, that he he has hacl offers of production from scores of managers, but there Is no one In their companies who could adether3 knew you when you were a little boy and "always said you would be an actor, because you were always cutting up! PLATE AND 100 CARDS (new style) .j ALBERTSON, 330 Hotel St. The occupants, as determined by the clerk, are as follows: Gen. First to demand the attention of the ambulance corps was Michael C. Irw-in was pinned beneath some heavy timbers at his desk and was rescued by a fireman. Certain difficulties may be a sign that one is in the right path. with- out forgetting the ancestry and hope of other days. The Wilbur Opera company gave "Fra Diavolo" to a packed and highly appre- ciative audience last night. How many were saved it is impossible to state, but it is know^n that several who were in the back portion of the building managed to escape in some manner. The firemen with torches and lanterns entered into all parts of the hotel. who was only 17 years old, was drunk when he went on duty, and that he was in the habit of neglecting his duty. The first great missionary on entering Euroj.e found results far different from what he might have expected after plain a call to that field. If like surprises come into the life of every follower of Christ. I think it was in Cincinnati where a little boy wr')te to me last S' as.)n and said that he was 'ower of pmpullsm.

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