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On it is drawn a Sigismond, who kneels at her feet, large shield, supported by cherubs, and This painting is in excellent preserva- inscribed Clipbus Spibituaus, etc., tion, and the figure of the Virgin, in its attitude, dishevelled hair, and * See Sibmacher, " Teutsche Wappen- drapery, resembles so much a well boch," 4to. 5 lar, which the inscription on the black marble slab at the Tree Inn bears with this black marble tablet with the white painted' letters, leaves not a doubt on the subject, that Lord Lans- downe erected both to the memory of his illustrious grandfather. Z^^h from the obvious legal owner, and changing the tincture of the field and form of the charge, be even suspected to be his." Who is meant by " the obvious legal owner " is not very distinctly shown ; but apparently it is the person named by S& Edward Walker,— " AVilliam D'Evereux or Fitz-Patrick, earl of Sa- lisbury ;" and afterwards, in p. Plancne appears satisfied that these were the arms of " the ancient counts d'Evereux." In this I think he has been misled.

The backs ot the seats near the altar in Kilkhampton church were on the north side composed of pieces of old carving nailed together, that had, I conclude, been found in the church. T am not able to say whether those counts of Evreux had any armorial coat ; but I believe it was not this. Planche*s other difficulty, the supposed " changing the tincture of the field and the form of the charge," is connected I presume with the theory he.

Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. His three Urgt pictures of the battle of Trafalgar (now at Hampton Court Palace), painted for tha late King, evince a thorough knowledge of nautical aifairs, especially the tempest after the engagement.

Public domain books belong to the public and we are merely their custodians. Vegeno Us f nata est Ser*« Dn& Bona Sftntia, Regina Polonie, ete. of Poland, CJuly, of time are those which relate to the children of Sigismond I. Die martis, hora quarta noctis statim pulaata, 18 Januarii, 1519, Cracovie nata est IU» p*na Ysabella Casimiriensis, ut felicissimis auspiciis, et Tehementissiine desideratis. His portraits of ships, to which he was principally confined* were excellent, and the scenery displayed many a sunny spot of beautiful colouring, particularly in his delineations of Chineae landscape.

— I could not catch the first two or three sentences, but a knot of talkers behind me walked off and I heard Lord Byron say, '* I prefer his Ellen : it is fresher and freer ; she is a real ideal, she is a fairy reality ; she is a creation, her island and her skiff and her highborn grace, in the savagery of her scene, is BO new and so true. Many of te jtayaia in this and the preceding of tlw Tolome fareatne a tone homility and deroticm; TOjal personage for wbcnn t ended, or his socoessof Si ineiiilal Md on them, we proof in the Iftmi^ writii^ on which, in is now completely obti- At the end o£ this is written in capital letters of go Ut Xfl Mians uufocobo JOonwnanj ct aft ■■■111 II mrft joftw era. Ifter this are inserted in the Tolume, ■ mam boinid« some later additions on •MO', extending from fi»L 198 to fol. They are all aearhr contemporary with the events recorded, and of much value, as af- fcrding fixed dates, on which reliance eui he placed. These pillars, however, were not older than the time of Charles the Second.

The daughter of a courtier formed to adorn a court, discovered in that lonely spot, and the Douglas blood revealed in all her looks, and still concealed ; the mingled charm and superstitious awe by which Fitz James*s ' mind was passion tost,' has a mild reality of fancy in it which seems to me unequalled by any other of his heroines.*' '* I am glad to hear you say so — Ellen has always been my favourite, and besides she is Scotch and Matilda is not,'* said Joanna, in an accent so decidedly l^otch there could be no doubt of why she thought a Scotch heroine superior to every other, and there was a very heartiness in her tone and an unaffected sensibility in her eyes that was true reality after all the praters I had listened to all the evening. l U, w ritte n in an Italian hand of the of thel Mtoenturj. Several of these are in the handwriting * of Qiieen Bona, se- cond wife of Sigismond 1. The ancient church, with its noble tower and boldly crocketed pinnacles. In a word, a brighter courage and a gentler dis* position were never married together, to make the most cheerful and innocent con- versation.'* Vide Earl of Clarendon's His- tory of the Rebellion.

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Marks, notations and other maiginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the publisher to a library and finally to you. His early yean were passed upon the ocean, having msde several voyages to China, in the service of the £a8t India Company.

Nevertheless, this work is expensive, so in order to keep providing tliis resource, we liave taken steps to prevent abuse by commercial parties, including placing technical restrictions on automated querying. This entry refers to the period when Queen Bona retired from Ireland to her duchy of Bari, where she remained until her death, which took place in less than three rears afterwaras. Qoam fiita Idie^ serv St, dam flavii ia freta current, oonvexa polut dam sidera pascet. hora quinta noctis Ser^ doa Bona Sfortia Re- gina Polo Dite e vita discesist, in castro Ban, ubi stetit usque diem quartii mesis Octobris anni sequentis 1558, et ipso die sepulta fuit .... A great deal of curious informa- tion relative to Bona, the benefits conferred by her on the city of Bari, etc. Die prime Aug** 1520, Craco Tie, prope diem albescente, pulsata statim septima hora noctis precedentis, natus est 111"*"* Princeps D'n's Sigismmidus modemus, fa torus Rex et heres, cui sidera faveant nestorea etatem, imperiu felicissimu et optabile. hora 4* noctis subsequetis pulsata, Cracov* nata est 111"* D'oa Sophia, sub felici et auspicatissimo sidere, qua rerum oium conditor diu serret et felicitet ad nestoreos et optatos anos.

We also ask that you: Make non-commercial use of the files We designed Google Book Search for use by individuals, and we request that you use these files for personal, non-commercial purposes. " " But that aping of French manners suits the nation so ill. Two other entries reiatmg to this lady, one written while she was living, and the other after her decease, ajrpear on the last fly-leaf of the manuscnpt. archiepiscopali, in dvitate Bari, et illic jacet It would hence seem that Anderson is in error in placing her decease in 1558, as also is Padre Antonio Bea- tillo, in assigning it to the year 1556,1 It appears from the last-named writer that the Queen's body was removed in 1593 from the cathedral to the church of St. Alli 18 de Octobro 1523 nasci Anna, senate 13 hora.

Refrain fivm automated querying Do not send automated queries of any sort to Google's system: If you are conducting research on machine translation, optical character recognition or other areas where access to a large amount of text is helpful, please contact us. dear Paris," she exclaimed, " when shall I see you again ? The grace at French repartee is so impossible to a foreigner, and the German en- thnniann is so like the great unwieldy matchlocks one sees in old prints, when it i opposed to the light aharpshooters (tirailfeuri) of Parisian " And their theatre," said P. Nicolas, where a superb monu- ment had been erected to her memory by her surviving daughter Anna, widow of Stephen Bathori, King of Poland from 1575 to 1586 ; and in the inscrip- tion Queen Bona*8 age is stated at 65 y. 10 (/., which does not, how- ever, agree with the dates entered in the manuscript. Alio primo de Novembro, 1526, nasci Catarina, sonite 4 hore.

We encourage the use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help. So little change has taken place in any circumstances relating to the progress of those branches of literature or science with which we are more particularly related, since we last addressed our readers, that we find ourselves nearly circumscribed to the duty of thanking them for the continuance of their support, and hoping that they will not permit the aspiring emulation of younger rivals to induce them to neglect the claims or forsake the acquaintance of their older and long-established friend. Author of **Thc World to Came r*— Cabinet of Louis XVL— Cardinal York's Sale— Old Sense of ** Christ " — St. — Swynfen Jervis, esq 2 Exn LACTS' FROM TBE Portfolio OF a Man ok the World — Stockholm — Madame de Stael — Norway — Lord Byron — Bonaparte — Tallevrand — ^The Soeie Cy of Fkris in 1814 '. John's Gate, Clerkenwell fwith a Plate) 17 of Ju Uan Clement, the Court accoucheur, temp. " how did you endure all their monstrosi- tin, tfaor contempt of unities, and domestic tragedies ? if you were to see and hear them acted you would forget their abaurdities, you would never observe their want of unity. And you know I am by duty and principle and early recollection a fanatic for German music. The entries which succeed in point f Probably Vignola, near Modena. Of these children, the eldest boruv Isabella Casimir, became the wife of John Zapolski, Waiwode of Transyl- vania, and afterwards King of Hungary.

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