International dating for men mark edward davis

Sadly, the producer told us before the show they had not planned on having anyone on with a positive story," said Davis.

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Watch the video in the first link in this description and get free tips and try it out yourself.Putting a morbidly obese 60-plus-year-old self-described 'victim' and a man even Dr.Phil classified as in the top .01% of all the control freaks he'd met on as examples of international romance guaranteed an epic fail.After he and Anna appeared on The Today Show where Matt Lauer insinuated that Ukraine brides were "high class prostitutes" Davis was so furious he decided to give his book away free on his website European Dream Mark Edward Davis is available for radio/television/media interviews on the topics of overseas dating, international romance, Russian brides, Ukraine brides, and mail order brides.

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