Interracial dating questions

Family members, friends, acquaintances, and strangers in their social environment may disapprove of their relationship, with resistance ranging from mild dislike to fierce opposition.Although couples can’t control how others will respond, they can identify and seek out supporters of their union and cultivate closer relationships with those individuals.Social disapproval is the problem, not the relationship, and in an ideal world, interracial couples would only ever be warmly embraced.Sadly, because they’re often not, it’s worth considering how interracial couples can bolster one another and their bond from within as they encounter resistance and unjust treatment from without.And it’s for this reason that I’m going to refer to both race and culture separately in this piece.Third, the fact that many interracial partners grapple with the stress of prejudice and discrimination definitely does not mean that they shouldn’t be together.

There’s ample evidence that, depending on what racial category we're perceived to belong to, we encounter unequal levels of privilege, prejudice, discrimination, and violence.

In fact, it’s inevitable because a relationship contains two separate people with their own identities, preferences, and personalities, which is a good thing. If partners treat disagreements with respect and consideration, they may even reach new points of connection and understanding.

And research reveals that when interracial partners take a loving hand toward each other when conflict arises, such as by working together on a problem or using those powerful words, “I’m sorry,” this forecasts greater contentment in the relationship.

And then there are times, as in this piece, when we’ll consider the intersection between these two places, such as relationship dynamics within couples as they live amid various societal conditions.

In a previous blog, Prejudice Toward Relationships, we looked at prejudice and discrimination toward couples whose relationship falls outside what society regards as the accepted standard.

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