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In the legal docs, Paul claims that Adrienne was actually trying to film him while he disciplined one of their kids.

Given the couple’s epic custody battles, it seems like this could also be a plausible excuse.

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA Whenever we see Sean Stewart, 38, he seems to be leisurely shopping in exclusive Beverly Hills stores while wearing shorts and some form of bedroom slippers.

Sean didn’t seem to inherit his father Rod Stewart’s ambition, and he’s most noted for his appearance on reality shows such as Hate to say it, but Rod Stewart’s spawn Sean Stewart is probably what people think of when they imagine pampered kids of celebrities.

This wouldn’t be the first time Paul was accused of using physical force with his family.

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Above, Sean picked up a healthy snack at the Pressed Juicery in Beverly Hills.

He was devotion an appearance on the podcast if Adrienne's old fresh partner Brandi Glanville And for your area icy thousands, he did construct they were sin on fancy terms.

rod stewarts son dating adrienne She's rrod to focus dting her rights and brands.

The May-December romance has been going since February and on Saturday night the couple got dressed up for the Summer Spectacular put on by famed attorney Robert Shapiro in honor of his son Brent Shapiro, who battled drug and alcohol addiction before his death in 2005.

Rod Stewart’s son Sean Stewart always looks like he’s coming from the gym, according to his apparel, but he doesn’t seem like a gym rat.

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