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Humans just have one section for all functions of the nose.

In simple terms, “10,000 times more acute” means they can smell things we simply cannot.

They are also acclimated to city life, so they are never nervous.

Have you ever wondered how they train police dogs to search for drugs?

German Shepherds were used in World War I, World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War.

They are a historical breed and are well known for their size, superior intelligence, and work ethic.

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When a dog finds the drugs it is sniffing for, it will paw at the spot where he smells it. This notifies the handler that there are drugs on site, even though the dog just thinks it’s a toy (we’ll get to that later).

They can perform a wide range of duties and services that even their human counterparts can’t accomplish. Even ancient groups used the animals as guard dogs or for search and rescue!

To prove our point, we’ve created this list of 22 incredible facts about police dogs that you need to know. The NYPD's first K9 dogs unit was called Patrol Squad 1!

The second most common breed of police dog is a Belgian Malinois.

They are similar to German Shepherds, but are smaller and more sleek.

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