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Despite the heartache that often accompanies love, we can't help wanting it and rejoicing when it works.

Are we hard-wired to fall in love or are just responding to societal pressure?

In terms of May-December romances, there's been a longtime double standard when it comes to which half of the couple is "December": Women who date younger men encounter fascinated curiosity, judgment, and even a loaded nickname that rose to prominence in the early 2000's, while men in relationships with younger women are simply known relationships." undercurrent to a disagreement, that's definitely the red flag you think it is.You may be at the end of your childbearing years, while he's nowhere near contemplating a family."They find the aging process for men to be more accelerated than among women, in terms of their desires for exploration, and are interested in younger men who may be less set in their ways," she says.Sherman agrees that a woman who's, say, divorced with older kids may have so many obligations to juggle that someone who's accrued less "baggage" is often appealing.

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