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She then had to deal with a tumultuous season on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills which ultimately led to her stopping filming and eventually quitting the show as she was tired of being bullied by the other cast members.’ “One thing is for sure with Lisa though, she’s as strong as they come and once she has worked through her grief she will be back running her restaurant empire, focusing on her philanthropic endeavors and filming Vanderpump Rules.” Jean Vanderpump’s death comes 14 months after the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star’s brother, Mark Vanderpump, died of an alleged drug overdose in April 2018.The Bravo star struggled to film season 9 of RHOBH following the death of her brother, seeking help through counseling and antidepressants.Lisa Vanderpump is not quite done dragging her former "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" co-stars. "Me on the other hand oh I am a liar, coward, sniper, bad teeth, awful friend, terrible wine, the list goes on...awful really," Lisa continued on Twitter. Also Pump Rules has been amazing this year." Me on the other hand oh I am a liar,coward,sniper,bad teeth,awful friend,terrible wine,the list goes on..awful really. Also pump rules has been amazing this year.— Lisa Vanderpump (@Lisa Vanderpump) July 25, 2019 returning Lucy Lucy Apple Juice to Vanderpump Dogs. You've been rumbled and it's not looking good." Again, Lisa chimed in: "Yes good point... [Kyle] always maintained she knew nothing before...In response to Kyle Richards' post-reunion Twitter rant about how she believes LVP orchestrated the Season 9, Episode 1 meetup at Vanderpump Dogs that set off Puppy Gate, someone posted some fan art of the "queen on her throne." The image shows a cartoon drawing of Kyle wearing a Burger King crown and sitting on a toilet with a laptop on her lap. The rescue center has a policy stating that if one of their dogs ends up at any other shelter, the person who adopted said pup will be fined ,000. "No the opposite lol, even after a year she doesn't understand," LVP replied, clarifying, "5k if you dump one of our dogs, to ensure that it will be returned to us if there is a problem." Oddly enough reality TV can be like that too. She should have turned the dog back into Vanderpump Dogs. Maybe it was the ,000 return policy that made Dorit think finding a good home for Lucy on her own was a better choice.— Kyle Richards (@Kyle Richards) July 24, 2019No the opposite lol,even after a year she doesn’t understand.5k if you dump one of our dogs,to ensure that it will be returned to us if there is a problem.— Lisa Vanderpump (@Lisa Vanderpump) July 25, 2019 Kyle also said that Season 9 had left her "so frustrated at times. Oh dear." What's interesting about Lisa indirectly taking aim at Kyle's personal matters is that it echoes almost exactly what Ken Todd said on Twitter Sunday.

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