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One of the most appealing reasons to explore Europe is the close proximity of countries to each other, allowing nomads the opportunity to see more in any given trip.

Of course when you have so much beautiful landscape to see, deep historical roots to learn about and delectable cuisine to sample, it’s tough to experience everything in such a short time.

This is the main street that houses many leading brands from around the world along with some local establishments and of course dining options that I am sure will satisfy your tastebuds.We developed a pretty optimistic route to take in three countries in one day, hence the title of this post – from Zurich to Innsbruck (and everything in between! I hope this post gives you a little insight into what can be accomplished if you plan your itinerary effectively.While exploring Europe using the awesome Eurail experience (I will continue to reiterate our opinion that there is NO better way to travel around Europe than by using the awesome rail infrastructure that is in place), our base was in the heart of Switzerland for several days.Although we were both excited about Innsbruck, what we weren’t expecting was how breathtaking the journey was across the Austrian Alps!Earlier that week we had explored the Golden Pass across the Swiss Alps, so we were literally spoiled for choice after seeing what both Austria and Switzerland had to offer in terms of natural beauty.

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