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Now, when I read this, I was immediately skeptical. Could the benefits be true, or was it just nonsense that a bunch of hippies made up out of their own cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias? Always consult a medical professional before doing anything. And hopefully, it goes without saying that I would in no way encourage you to break the law, considering these substances are illegal in many places. Unlike a 5-day water fast where you have a complete narrative arc, the day-to-day microdosing experience is broken into three-day “chunks.”You build up a tolerance to psychedelics very quickly, so it’s not practical to take a microdose every day.

Instead, practitioners will take a dose every 4 days, usually consuming 1/10th of a standard “recreational” dose each time.

Reading through James Fadiman’s book on psychedelics, I was fascinated by the ongoing citizen science research he and his peers are doing on “microdosing.” Taking very small amounts of LSD and mushrooms on a regular basis to enhance your daily life. And starting in the ‘60s, curious psychonauts like Fadiman began experimenting with microdosing LSD and mushrooms.

A microdose is when you’ve had just enough of a drug to have a subtle effect, but without the full experience. If you take a full recreational dose of psilocybin (shrooms) or LSD, you’re pretty much out of commission for the next 6-18 hours.

They feel that their mind has burst through its normal boundaries, and they often claim to have had experiences that are spiritual or religious, with a new understanding of how their world and surroundings (or, you know, their lava lamps) work.

People tripping on LSD may have very questionable reasoning skills, becoming impulsive or irrational.

It's often stated that LSD causes hallucinations, but that's not quite accurate.

When a person has a hallucination, he or she believes that everything that he or she sees and feels is real.

Fadiman suggested, though, that by taking a “microdose” of these drugs, you could get many of the beneficial creative and mindfulness effects, without the hallucinations or trippiness. What if you started tripping out in the middle of something important? Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, this is not medical advice, this is for informational purposes only.Whenever you have caffeine, do you get so amped up that you have to be scraped off the ceiling? There’s the full-blown experience of consuming drugs like alcohol and caffeine, and then there’s the much tamer, low dose experience.The same, it turns out, is true with psychedelics like LSD and mushrooms.People on LSD often become very emotional, more prone to tears or laughter.Large doses of may make them feel especially contemplative.

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