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“I remember getting really upset because I didn’t know what to do if I didn’t have any music in front of me.” She adapted quickly, however.

Micarelli gradually applied her classical training to developing bold stylings spanning a broad range of genres, earning her global acclaim with hits like her cover of “To Love You More.” Sharing Herself on Stage Micarelli promises to perform a wide variety of songs at Myron’s Cabaret Jazz.

Date/Time Date(s) - Saturday, 11/17/201 pm - pm A supremely gifted classical musician, Lucia Micarelli is globally renowned for her featured soloist work for Josh Groban, Chris Botti, Jethro Tull, her starring role on the critically acclaimed HBO series Treme and her new PBS special.

These diverse influences have fused together for a truly electrifying evening of music, flowing seamlessly from classical to jazz to traditional fiddle music, Rock and Americana.

In 2004, Micarelli released her first album Music From A Farther Room, executive-produced by Groban.

It is a blend of classical pieces and familiar pop songs, including Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody", David Bowie's "Lady Grinning Soul" and David Foster's "To Love You More".

“I feel like a lot of my dreams are coming true.” Breaking Beyond Classical Micarelli’s journey as a violinist has led her to shatter the boundaries of what a classical musician can be.

Playing violin since age 3, she started training at Julliard at 11.

Beginning in early July, Micarelli will tour the country and with stops at venues in Atlanta, Cleveland, Chicago, Milwaukee, Boston, New York and Glenside, Pa.’s own Keswick Theatre. While backstage during a performance with Grammy winner Chris Botti, Micarelli fell on a glass she was holding and severed three arteries in her left hand. Following surgery and months with her hand in a cast, she was relieved to find she could still play – even though she no longer has feeling in three fingers in her left hand.“I just remember getting so emotional and thinking, ‘What if I don’t play again? “My muscles are fine, it’s just the sense of touch that’s gone,” she explains.“Whether it’s classical or jazz or folk tunes or me singing, I’m really just trying to compile music I feel very connected to,” she says.“A lot of the songs have a personal significance to a time or person or experience in my life.” Her show will only be enhanced by the world-class multi-instrumentalists performing with her, including artists who have shared the stage with Sarah Mc Lachlan and Gnarls Barkley.

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