Manitowoc county dating

The Courthouse and 8th Street are on the Register of Historic Places.There is a very short street in Manitowoc named "Easy Street", if this is worthy of mention at all. , 14 February 2007 (UTC) Can someone please clean up the revision I made?It was my first time doing an information box and it came up very unclean, also the images I uploaded from for the city flag and seal never uploaded.

Regarding the Presidential Election sentence needing a citation, I might argue that it's not even true.

Alas, I'm far from Mtwc, so I can't take them myself. What is the reason for the inclusion of Father Felton's photo?

Zim Zala Bim (talk) , 1 September 2006 (UTC) The link for Mayor Kevin Crawford in the right info panel goes to Kevin Crawford, which is not the same person. I propose that it be deleted, or a photo of all other religious leaders in the community be included.

Thank you again to Paul Kappelman and Jacques Verbauwhede for all they have contributed to the sport of tennis in our community.

This is a special rate only being offered to junior tennis players who have played on a school tennis team. This is an outstanding deal and both the Sports Core and SCTA want to see more tennis team players participate in this fun event. #Sheboygan Tennis Sheboygan Middle School Interscholastic Athletics Below are the Junior High/Middle School Tennis schedules for 2018. Francis Washington Wilson The MCTA would like to congratulate all the USTA Junior Tennis Teams from Manitowoc that Advanced to State!

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