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There is no real red light district in Chisinau as the girls in the bars are pretty liberal, but you could always check out the local Chisinau newspaper, Makler, for escort classified adverts.Sexual minorities in Moldova are one of the most vulnerable and discriminated social groups.Or email at: [email protected]——————————————————- Greetings everyone, this is Kim Duva, Peace Corps Volunteer working with Genderdoc-M, here to give a review on this years Second Annual Chisinau Pride.I’ll start from Club Soho as due to some other work obligations, I was not able to attend the laying of the wreath, and the reception at Bar Shola, which saddened me a bit as I am a bit of a photography buff, and would have enjoyed the exhibit there.

Information Center Gender Doc-M is the general Pride organizer.All the activities were aimed to promote tolerance towards LGBT community, to give to society information about different aspects of homosexuality, and to make the LGBT community more “visible” in Moldovan society.During Pride the following activities took place: an art and photo exhibition where works of Moldovan painters and photographers were presented, an interactive theatric forum on discrimination, a recognition ceremony «In Memoriam of the Victims of Homophobia», a “Safer Sex Party”, and a training for “HIV/AIDS prevention in the LGBT community” with participation by Viorel Calistru who is the main specialist from the AIDS Center Ecaterina Rotaru and who is also the Director of the Dermatovenereal Dispanser.And most of these events include a colorful carnival.For additional information you can contact Maxim, phone numbers 220201, 270850.

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