Mr right online dating

So last night I met up with a sweet guy I've messaged online for the last week.He is an extremely talented musician, owns his own house, has an awesome dog, and excellent writing skills.Or was there an underlying reason that my subconscious had picked up on, and knew there just wasn't the right chemistry between us?WHY would my brain do this to me right before our first date?We were at different points in our lives, we had different perspectives when it came to travel and commitments, and there was definitely a spark missing - prediction or not. Online dating is the hottest trend of this millennium but finding love online can be quite challenging.

I hadn't once pictured what it would be like to kiss him, or if he'd try to make a move on me before I left.Or maybe one of us would talk about how we just aren't in the right place for a committed relationship (most likely it would have been me). Relationship over, and I'd be right back where I was this morning. Was I purposely avoiding the potential for intimacy?Did I just still have feelings for the slimeball that broke up with me six months prior?We talked about his divorce, his dog, my desire to travel more.And then, when he joked about how he couldn't understand how I was still single, I felt my stomach cringe again. This wonderful evening, full of ravenous conversation and shared stories, was supposed to have a romantic underlining.

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