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There you will find the verdant Garo Hills in India, named after the tribe that lives there, and in fewer numbers in the Mymensingh district of Bangladesh.These days, on the rare occasions that the Garo appear in Indian national media, it is usually in reports of violence against Bangladeshi immigrants, who are sometimes made to pay with their lives for encroaching on Indian tribal lands and taking their jobs.On the other hand the victim’s family, however, has expressed their unhappiness over the police not questioning the landlady on her role in the crime.“She was seen helping the kidnapper in the crime and will be aware of where she has been taken, but the police is yet to question her.Police sources said a search had been initiated to find and rescue the school girl.This incident happened at the village of Chibinang, close to Phulbari in West Garo Hills.

However, all those named in the FIR, barring Ruksana Begum, have fled their homes and are currently absconding.On the way back to Japan, she stops in Egypt and the Middle East.One might judge the South Asia segment Lonely Planet-like today.Meanwhile, the Garo, along with their neighbors the Khasi, became the subject of considerable anthropological interest as one of the last remaining matrilineal societies on earth. Power is in the hands of men in Garo society, but name and property descend via mothers and daughters. Kinship is determined by common blood on the mother’s side, not the father’s.In February 1959, the general Japanese public was introduced to the Garo with the publication of Faces of Savagery, Faces of Civilization (Mikai no kao, bunmei no kao), a travelogue by anthropologist Nakane Chie, a scholar then just emerging, but by the late sixties well-known (and today ill-regarded) for her work on Japanese national social character.

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