Natural hair dating site 100 dating questions to ask

If you are in the Type 4 group with low porosity hair that doesn’t hold moisture well, you are going to love this treatment, and it’s super easy to make and apply! 2) Section your DRY hair and add the mixture to your hair from root to tip.

You will instantly see your curl pattern start popping out as you coat your hair. I tend to use a lot more of the mixture on my really dry/brittle areas like my crown!

The 3 ingredients are liquid aminos, yogurt and baking soda.

The aminos give your hair a protein boost while the yogurt infuses moisture into your hair.

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1) Jane Carter Nourish and Shine (This is a sealant.

High porosity often comes from heat or chemical damage. Unless the first or second ingredient is water, it’s not a true moisturizer.Finally, the baking soda helps cleanse your hair of all build up and dirt to let moisture penetrate your hair shaft.When your hair can absorb moisture better, your natural curl pattern will come out easier.Sealants contain oil and/or butters that seal in water (moisture).So if you twist your hair while it’s damp (water is your moisturizer) and apply a good sealant, that will keep your hair moisturized and soft for a long time. Here are some good moisturizers and sealants for natural hair that I really like…

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