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This ambiguity may be reduced by the inclusion of additional isotopic proxies, that is, by including less commonly employed isotopic systems (e.g.

sulphur isotopes) and/or performing isotopic measurements on a larger variety of consumer tissues and/or molecular compounds (e.g. In this respect, Jaouen and Pons discussed the potential of progressively employing non-traditional isotopic proxies (e.g. employed a multi-isotopic approach in the study of human diet or mobility. investigated the mobility of individuals from burial sites near Madrid (Spain) dating to the Late Neolithic, Chalcolithic, and Bronze Age using strontium and oxygen isotope ratios measured in teeth and bone. In addition, carbon isotope ratios suggest a dietary shift at c.

Three separate studies (Knipper et al., Pestle et al., Piličiauskas et al.) employed Bayesian mixing models to reconstruct past diets.

The study of the archaeology of the individual is linked to multi-proxy approaches.These have included, among others, climatic and environmental reconstruction, studies of past human diet, nutrition, and mobility, building accurate chronologies, past animal and crop management practices, pottery use, etc.Thus, an attempt at offering a complete overview of the applications and methodologies involved in isotopic analyses applied to archaeological research would represent an undertaking well beyond the limited scope of this special issue.Human diet reconstruction was done using a Bayesian mixing model and relied on stable isotope measurements on humans and a large amount of locally available archaeological faunal and botanical remains.The outcome of the study observed inter-individual differences in dietary intakes (e.g.

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