Non uniform sediment deposition dating

6 protons......atomic number = 6 - element = OXYGEN Most atoms also contain a number of neutrons in the nucleus and can therefore also be classified by the sum of protons and neutrons, which is known as the ATOMIC MASS (protons and neutrons both have an atomic mass of "1", whereas electrons are so small they can be ignored).Since the number of neutrons in an atom can vary, some atoms of the same element can have different mass numbers. 6 protons 6 neutrons...atomic mass = 12 - OXYGEN 18 ENERGY LEVELS: Atoms have no more than 2 electrons in their innermost shell.The deposit of sediment in the road resembles a small alluvial fan. Erosion is carried out by TURBULENT FLOW, which exerts DRAG and LIFT forces on rock particles.This type of slope erosion may eventually result in the formation of gullies. Most natural flow is turbulent, rather than laminar.OCCURRENCE OF IGNEOUS ROCKS: Batholiths, laccoliths, lava flows, sills, dykes, volcanic necks. This results in "rock cleavage" (not to be confused with mineral cleavage), which means the rock splits very easily along the foliation planes. It is interesting to note that although the earliest-known life is over 3.2 billion years old, there is very little fossil evidence for it.It is not until about 540 million years ago that fossils became abundant, probably due to the development of hard body parts (shells, skeletons). certain isotopes (Parent) spontaneously emit atomic particles (protons and neutrons) and in so doing change to a different element (Daughter).Using these methods for sedimentary rocks will give the age of the rock and mineral particles that make up the rock, not the time of deposition of sediment.

These methods are not well-suited to metamorphic rocks since heating of the original rock may release the daughter elements, "resetting" the radiometric clock to the time of the last episode of heating.streams draining large glaciers are often braided).b) Floodplains - formed by flood deposits in area adjacent to channel.The amount of turbulence (and thus erosive power) depends on 2 factors - the ROUGHNESS of the channel and the FLOW VELOCITY. BED LOAD (" = 50 million tons/year) Suspension is usually the most important component.DISCHARGE - the amount of water moving through the channel - can be calculated by: DISCHARGE (Q) = CHANNEL CROSS-SECTIONAL AREA (A) X VELOCITY (V) is usually expressed in cubic meters per second. The amount of sediment carried (known as the CAPACITY) and the largest size of particle carried (known as the COMPETENCE) increases with increasing DISCHARGE and VELOCITY.

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