Northwestern speed dating study does relative dating using radioactivity

This is an example of an automated calcium scoring software to speed review of coronary artery calcium (CAC) scoring cardiac computed tomography (CT) scans.

It is the stories that have shaped college experiences in an era of Sex in the City and Charlotte Simmons.

But frustrated students say there is no dating scene here. But a paradox lies in the midst of this situation: Many students want to go back to what dating used to be. But there is little action taken to reverse the perceived “dating dilemma” at NU. Eli Finkel unintentionally rekindled the discussion of relationships with his speed dating study. And the recent arrival of shows there is a demand for dating.

Northwestern Class Alliance, a group aimed at fostering campus community, is even brainstorming ways of organizing mixers and online dating outlets.

“You know full well that when you’re sitting in a room alone, there is someone out there wanting a relationship too,” Finkel said.

“People want to meet people.” Within the past month, reporters interviewed more than one hundred students, professors and experts to give NU students more clear perception of dating.

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