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The concept seems to have originated in Major League Baseball, and it soon spread to most of the major sports leagues around the United States. ’” says Rob Calia, the Atlanta Hawks’ senior manager of event production and a member of the Hawks’ staff for nearly two decades.

Calia estimates that the Hawks have run the kiss cam for about 17 years.

And how has that changed with our evolving understanding of consent and the ongoing #Me Too movement?

The exact roots of the kiss cam are unclear, but video screens in sports arenas debuted in 1980 at Dodger Stadium, and sometime not long after that, kiss cams were born.

“But the socialization aspect—the disappointment of the watching fans, the awkward interaction with the person next to you, the stereotype of being uptight—makes this more difficult.Only the Philadelphia 76ers said they didn’t run one, and the Boston Celtics said they did it “maybe once per season, if that.” The other 17 teams either did not respond or declined to comment.While most WNBA and NFL teams forgo the gimmick, it’s still used in MLB and NHL games too.It’s usually good for a laugh or two, but in an evolving world, one in which we’re having complicated and nuanced discussions about sexism, agency, and consent, it’s worth asking what role—if any—the kiss cam has in our current sports culture.What can seem like a routine in-game gimmick can come with a deeper significance. Ten years ago, Shprintzen moved from New York to Chicago for grad school.

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