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Processing time was slow (the embassy held on to my passport for nearly 10 days) so plan well in advance! Another option from India would be to get your Bangladesh visa in Kolkata (Calcutta). Until 1947, Bangladesh used to be part of India and was known as “East Bengal”.In addition to the twice weekly Maitree Express, there’s also a train that runs from Kolkata to Khulna, which can be useful for heading straight to the south west of Bangladesh from India. In 1947 when India gained independence from British colonial rule, the sub-continent was also partitioned into India and Pakistan, leading to the largest migration crisis in history.

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Perhaps the best description of Bangladesh I’ve heard is a “more raw version of India” – but even that comparison falls a long way short of the variety and richness of culture available in Bangladesh, and the positive surprises that this small but bustling country has in store for travellers who make it there. First things first: do check the current political situation and travel advisories of your country for Bangladesh before booking your trip. Citizens of many countries can get a Visa on Arrival for Bangladesh , if you are travelling for tourism (tourist visa) and plan to stay less than 30 days. I took the Maitree Express international train from Kolkata (India) to Dhaka, however At the time of writing visa on arrival was available at the land border crossed by bus between India and Bangladesh.), and overnight ferries, called launches, ply the route south from Dhaka to cities in Khulna division and Barisal, which are good jumping off places to explore the famous Sundarbans.One of the highlights of my trip to Bangladesh was my trip on the “Rocket” paddle steamer from Dhaka to Morrelganj – these 1920’s vessels that used to be the fastest ferries in Bangladesh are now a fabulous way to slow down and travel back in time. Apart from experiencing slow travel on the Rocket, one of the best ways to travel in Bangladesh is to take the train.It was all the more full of surprises because of the lack of information available online about travel in Bangladesh – many Bangladesh travel blogs were written several years ago, pre 2015 when already low international tourist numbers decreased.And of course, Bangladesh is a country which (sadly) not many foreign travellers make it to…Yet.

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