Park bom dating g dragon

Furthermore, nose jobs, when done well, hardly leave behind any scars.When you look at the before and after photos of Park Bom, you see that her previous nose looked flatter and more bulbous.After the alleged nose job, Park Bom has a nose that is slimmer and more pointed.It looks like a completely different nose from her younger days.Many South Korean celebrities look very different from their younger days.Plastic surgeries are so common in South Korea that they even dedicate some variety shows about plastic surgery on TV.The desired end result is almost always a more pointed nose.

Some of Park Bom plastic surgery rumors include two nose jobs, double eyelid surgery, face reshaping and also breast augmentation. And she has consistently stayed atop of the pop charts.

Her mouth now looks pulled to the right side of her face all the time. However, in her pursuit for the perfect set of big boobs, she has chosen the wrong plastic surgeon or underwent the wrong surgery. They look way too pointed and does not fit the profile of her body.

Her chin implant surgery is one of the greatest waste of plastic surgery effort and time. It seems like her plastic surgeon got the shape and the cup size completely wrong.

This trend resulted in many celebrities opting for lip fillers.

Lip fillers, if applied in excessive doses, cause severe swelling on the patient’s lips.

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