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With mac OS 10.15 Catalina, the primary functions of i Tunes will be spun out into separate Music, TV, and Podcasts apps, bringing an end to the program’s two decades of dominance within the Apple software and hardware ecosystem.Syncing your devices will now be handled by the Finder application, which can backup, update, or restore your device directly from its sidebar.Follow the steps below to double confirm you've turned on Health in Privacy settings. Go to Settings app on i Phone and navigate to Privacy and then Motion & Fitness.After this setting, you can walk a bit and check out whether your Health app is counting your steps and display them on the dashboard.(Though it’ll be gone on the Mac, i Tunes will reportedly survive on Windows for the time being.) Few will mourn the passing of the bloated mess that i Tunes has become, but it was precisely this catch-all approach that made the software so compelling in the first place.i Tunes was the interface to Apple’s Digital Hub strategy, which Steve Jobs unveiled back in 2001.i Tunes became the blueprint for how people could legally download media, making it significantly easier to pay for music rather than steal it from early file-sharing sites like Napster.

As time went on, this approach morphed i Tunes from a sleek jukebox and i Pod companion into an overladen piece of software that cried out to be updated seemingly every time you tried to open it.

Apple even admitted as much onstage during its WWDC keynote, joking that it considered adding calendar, web browsing, and email functionality to the application, before deciding to replace it entirely.

i Tunes as a music playing software predates both the music store it became synonymous with and the i Pod (when Apple announced the first version of i Tunes, it advertised that it could be used to transfer music to “popular MP3 players from Rio and Creative Labs”), but it was the tight integration of these three pillars that made it such a formidable piece of software.

It was joined by the launch of the i Tunes Store in April 2003, with an initial catalog of just 200,000 songs.

Only later did hell freeze over with the arrival of i Tunes on Windows in October 2003, allowing non-Mac users, the vast majority of the computing world, to buy music from Apple and sync it to an i Pod for the first time.

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