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The message is then posted on Twitter By clicking on the link, customer will be redirected to your booking page, where Bookeo will show discounted prices next to strikethrough standard prices.

A sense of urgency can really push people to act, especially when it comes to sales and promotions.

You can click on a coupon to change its expiry date. Facebook does not allow you to post directly on your Facebook business page from any application, including Bookeo.

You can click on the NEW button to manually add a new coupon. To post your promotion on Facebook, you need to integrate Bookeo into your Facebook account. Click on the Twitter button next to the promotion you want to post. You will be required to confirm the message you want to post.

This checkbox should be ticked if you want to apply the promotion to private bookings, and: If you set a fixed or percent discount, the discount will be applied to any booking made using the specific promotion code.

Click here if you want to apply the discount only when the booking is made for a specific number of participants. In the Additional Tax section, you can set up a fixed tax that will be charged per coupon. Save If you set a fixed discount and want to waive a fixed tax or fee, set in Settings Taxes, you should create a negative Additional Tax.

Make sure to blast these terms in your event promotional messages to get supporters keyed up.

For instance, if you use the Classy platform, you can set a start and end date for using a discount code to up the urgency of your ask.

Some US states will charge sales tax on the full amount of the purchase, as if there was no coupon. In the Additional Tax section, click on the New button 2. Set the fixed tax inputting a negative amount, for example 3.

People love to share special deals, so exclusive offers can help expand your reach within these micro-communities.

An additional group you might consider targeting is event sponsors.

This will help increase buzz around your event within particular groups and communities.

For example, if you’re hosting a charity run near a college campus, you’ll probably want to target college students and, maybe even more specifically, a subgroup would be to target fraternities and sororities.

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