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Scientists must generate a realistic and testable hypothesis around which they can build the experiment.This might be a question, a statement or an ‘If/Or’ statement.Perhaps environmental factors or pollution are causal effects influencing fish stocks.A hypothesis must be testable, taking into account current knowledge and techniques, and be realistic.If the researcher does not have a multi-million dollar budget then there is no point in generating complicated hypotheses.

A valid year 2000 ID is: 0005205113086 for a birthdate: . James, Nice link - not only confirms whether the person attached to the ID number is married/single, but also whether the entered ID number is (a) valid, and (b) if valid whether it is a real live ID number.

Recently (probably because elections are passed) the site stopped supplying names, but only confimed whether registered or not... Did you know: The current SA ID Number algorithm was created by my uncle Pieter den Boer (ex Q-Data, Brainware...) while working at IBM in the 1980's.

He passed away last week - I attended his funeral this morning.

Scientists then use a large battery of deductive methods to arrive at a hypothesis that is testable, falsifiable and realistic.

The precursor to a hypothesis is a research problem, usually framed as a question. For example, we might wonder why the stocks of cod in the North Atlantic are declining.

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