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Alright, we're going to start with four milligrams of our sample. We wait 14.3 days, so this is 14.3 days, and half of our sample should be left.Let's go ahead and mark this off so this would be one milligram, two milligrams, three, and four. So when time is equal to zero, we have four milligrams. So what's half of four, it's of course, two.So, if we start with four milligrams, and we lose 1/2 of that, right, then we're left with two milligrams. Next, let's graph the rate of decay of phosphorus-32. On the Y-axis, let's do the amount of phosphorus-32, and we're working in milligrams here, so this will be in milligrams.On the X-axis, let's do time, and since the half-life is in days, it just makes it easier to do this in days.

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